About Us

At All Points Travel, we believe that today's client looks for value and knowledge from professional travel consultants. As a company, our aim is to offer that and more. We use all available resources to help plan any type of travel you desire. Our consultants are well travelled and well versed in all aspects of travel but each has a particular area of interest they would like to share with you.

Our Services

We offer travel to a variety of destinations ranging from beach vacations, alternative lifestyle locations, adventure travel and business travel. Contact us  for more information about all of our travel locations.

Our Partners

To ensure that you get the best deal on all services we have partners with several companies to offer you spectacular deals on various services including flights, vehicles and hotels. Please contact us to book comprehensive services with our partners.

Our Specialists

Robert Van'T Hof
Robert has served the traveling public since 1974, and since 1978 as manager of All Points Travel. He is fluent in Dutch and specializes in travel to Europe and the Caribbean, cruising, and alternative lifestyle destinations. Robert's journeys have taken him to Europe, East Africa, most of the islands in the Caribbean and to parts of Southeast Asia.

Zachary Sapers
Zachary has a strong customer service background and has been in the sales/customer service industry for the last 7 years. Zachary has always had a keen interest  in travel and geography, he is a Vancouver native with a great knowledge of world affairs and cultural discovery. Zachary has traveled throughout North America and the Caribbean,  and has a great enthusiasm and knowledge  for adventure travel and itineraries that are off the beaten track.


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